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Why Parabole chose AnzoGraph® DB to power its cognitive analytics platform for financial services investments insights

Harmonize and integrate data across silos, enabling ad hoc data exploration and discovery, while eliminating costly, redundant processes

Accelerating Scientific Discovery Analytics & Visual Rendering with Graph OLAP Database

A multinational investment bank uses ANZO to create a single, global smart catalogue of all of their data sources

Global Chemical Producer Selects Anzo Data Integration Platform for Scientific Research and Innovation Portal

Faster and more accurate regulatory compliance reporting

This white paper explores six essential requirements needed for an enterprise scaleable knowledge graph platform

With over 40,000 charge points constantly beaming back information, POD Point was struggling to extract the insight they needed from their Excel spreadsheets in order to make critical business decisions.

Winnow places connected scales in commercial kitchens, enabling kitchen staff to record exactly what is being thrown away. Their solution is entirely reliant on the devices being online so that any bit of food waste is recorded. 

Meet multiple commercial purposes of through visualization of design, construction and operation of built assets

U.S. Department of Treasury Financial Stability Oversight Council reports on more than 180 charts of systematic financial risk

US Department of Agriculture Rural Development manages more than 40 separate loan and loan guarantee programs that carry more than $100 Billion in mortgage exposure

The US Department of Treasury Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) Automates and standardizes Chart Creation Process

A large financial institution validates public and consumer finance risk models

Find healthcare publications relevant to a particular case with complex biomedical & socio-demographic criteria

Quickly grasp key ideas, players and jargon in a domain

Summarize Electronic Health Records (EHR) of a patient to support decision making for treatment or insurance quoting

Know the top players in virology and microbiology fields, what they are working on, who are they affiliated with, and who funds them

Track what your customers, voters or supporters are discussing on social media

Power Underwriting with Advanced Artificial Intelligence

Exploration Targets are Identified from Stream Sediment Sampling Programs, Matched to Deposit Types using Geochemistry, Geology, Terrane Setting, and Structure

Addressing the data challenges of the mining industry

The system gives advice on what deposit characteristics a field geologist should look for, allowing a quick rate and rank of exploration targets

With the advent of AI, much of the mining industry’s data is functionally useless – it’s unstructured and non-standardized, and as such is unreadable by machines

Unstructured documents are indexed against personalised vocabularies, enhancing both search order and content

Driver finds critical multi-element zones for exploration and geometallurgy

This company wanted to refine how they create and manage their project schedules and standardize on new processes across their projects to optimize project delivery

A standardized central system to improve quality, support governance, and reduce the zoo’s risk in its development and construction projects

The University of Connecticut decided to centralize their review-approval University processes and cost management in 2018 using Oracle’s Primavera Unifier solution, providing easy access to the University’s critical systems from any location

Placing project information, processes, and documents into one central location is critical due to multiple stakeholders involved as well as the stringent transparency and reporting requirements included in PPP contracts

A centralized system to help efficiently manage an increasing number of projects, both in size and volume, while delivering high-quality projects and responsibly managing public funds

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Improved QSRA using Risk Drivers

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Keeping your Project Commercials above Water

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Beyond the P Dates

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Linear Project Reporting including SRA

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Modern SRA – Moving from OPRA to Safran Risk

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Modern SRA – Integrating Cost with your SRA

Shifting from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis (OPRA) to Safran Risk

Slides from the webinar that introduces Safran Risk and overviews the ease and benefits of moving from Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis to Safran Risk

PNNL works on megaprojects that involve thousands of activities, links, and risks and they found that a traditional risk analysis tool couldn’t handle the complexity

Switching to Safran Risk has allowed MPR to conduct cost and schedule risk analysis faster and more effectively

With best-in-class project risk analysis, project controls professionals can identify the risk drivers likely to have the biggest impact on cost and schedule

Aker BP strengthens its risk management processes by providing its team members with an intuitive, high-performing, user-orientated tool